OEM & Private Labels

private label
OEM & Private Labels can be an important step in establishing and maintaining a successful account base.
Marketing products with your name, logo, design, and address on the package helps to ensure that customers identify with your company both for initial and repeat purchases.

At NaturaBio Healthcare, you may elect to establish your own brand name on one or more custom formulations that are exclusive to your company.


original equipment manufacturing
Our experts at NaturaBio Healthcare can provide you professional services:

  • New product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Labelling and packaging with your own brands

Label Printing & Packaging Service

label and packaging
NaturaBio Healthcare provides you innovative private label design service and printing that give your products and outstanding appearance. Our experienced staff of graphic designers and print specialists can design your label, box, and packaging in new and exciting ways.

We take our work very seriously and pay attention to details and quality for your long-term business success. Our custom product adds value and promotes brand awareness leading to increased profit. Leave it to our expert staff at NaturaBio Healthcare and watch the return on your investment soar.

We offer a variety of label design packaging styles in all shapes and sizes including:

  • Bottles
  • Cartons
  • Induction Sealing
  • Display Box Manufacturers
  • Folding Carton Manufacturers

Looking for marketing solutions?

design solutions
We understand your need for techniques and methods that assure you of proven results! NaturaBio Healthcare has over a decade of seasoned experience in the field of nutraceuticals. We know just what works and what will work for you! We offer the following nutraceutical marketing solutions to widen your business horizons:

Product Brochures - Your product brochure is often the fist and perhaps the only impression you will have to make on a potential client. We can help you maximize this opportunity! Combining skill and creativity, our in-house designers will help you produce a product brochure that will highlight your products and the distinctive features of your company in the best light. An excellently designed can help tip the profits in your favor!

Label Design - NaturaBio Healthcare' label design team can work with you to design a product label that is according your specifications and in line with your needs for brand recognition. We can create a number of label design concepts for your consideration. Eye-catching labels will enhance your product visibility on the shelves. Educate information on the label can help a potential customer to make an informed decision in preference to your product!

Logo Design - A logo can be simple or intricate. It is a visual aid that brings your company to mind each and every time it is viewed. NaturaBio Healthcare help you create a logi design that faithfully represents your company and increases brand recognition. We can start the design work from scratch or enhance an existing logo. A well-designed creative logo will help you firmly establish your identity in the market!