NaturaBio Healthcare is one of the most reliable and faithful manufacturing companies of premium health supplements products in Canada.

We have always been dedicated top provide our customers from around the world with the best and carefully selected nutritional supplement products. We are committed to providing our customers around the world with the highest quality products and services. NautraBio Healthcare is trying to do its best to make steady progress towards our customers' goals with the latest products and health information in the market as NaturaBio Healthcare solemnly promises to keep developing and improving new and various lines of commodities.

The main services we provide our customers are:
  • Good manufacturing Practices (GMP) contract manufacturing
  • Import declaration and document assistance
  • Wholesale distribution

We also can support in developing new formulas and corporate brand images to suit your special needs:
  • Formulation of new products
  • Label design and printing
  • Quality control laboratory testing and analysis
  • Product information and consumer education

The products line-up of NaturaBio Healthcare, such as vitamins, supplements, minerals, echinacea, bee products, herbals, and specialty products are produced under strict quality controls and to the highest standards set by both government and us.

Our Team Consists of:

  • the general affairs department
  • the planning department
  • the public relations department
  • the financial affairs & support department
  • the design department
  • the materials & inventory control department
  • the production management department
  • the quality controls department
  • the local sales department
  • the overseas marketing department
  • the customer service department

and is well-organized each other to mak ethe best result to support our customers.

Our Facilities

All of NaturaBio Healthcare products are manufactured by cGMP facilities with the Site Licenses of health Canada for Health Products Manufacturing & Packaging. NaturaBio Healthcare products are custom formulated, manufactured and packaged in varying dosage forms and shapes, including soft gels, tablets, hard capsules by all-automated system line.

Our Mission

Develop and provide the highest quality, science-based health products New formulations and products based on our research and study Wholesale distribution overseas